Welcome to the RAY photo page.
These photos are for your enjoyment - I am not a professional photographer.
Most of them are not touched up, but if requested, could be.

If you find a photo you like - email me the details.
I can touch them up and have them professionally printed.

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Here is a link to a small clip of Ranay's performance.
You can find it by searching www.youtube.com for: RanayPajamaGame

2010 JHS Mens Polo State

20091010 Asbury

2009 JHSW vs Hudsonville

2009 JHSW WM Relay Meet

2009 JHSW vs Zeeland East

2009 Central Zones, ND

2009 JH Water Polo Invite

2009 MI Open

2009 GLTC

2008 Junior High Invitational

2008 Senior Women Swimming

2009 SCY State Meet @ EMU
Note: I am experimenting with this method of printing photos.
You can select the photos you like and have me "touch them up" or crop them for closeups.
Disregard the pricing - I just had to put something in to be able to upload.
Please email me if you have any questions or comments.

2009 Grand Rogue Encampment